Accommodating Accommodation

I’m down with the flu today (it’s Labor Day as I begin to write this post), so I wasn’t able to do any yard work like I intended. Instead, I listened to three more ASA meeting talks from a session that I did not actually attend. I regret that I never got around to introducing [...]

Volleyball with Astronauts

Before I add more posts recalling and reviewing sessions I attended at the 2009 ASA annual meeting, I wanted to highlight the other equally valuable aspect of attending: Fellowship.

Of course the weekend included scheduled times of fellowship, such as the Friday mixer after the opening plenary session and the Saturday Texas barbecue dinner and [...]

Adam and The Shack

From The Shack (page 135-136) by Wm. Paul Young:

“You were talking earlier about humans declaring good and evil without knowledge?” Mack asked, shaking another root free from its dirt. “Yes. I was specifically talking about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” “The tree of the knowledge of good and evil?” asked [...]