Becoming Unwanted, Part 3

“Cheer up, Church You’re worse off than you think Cheer up, Church You’re standing at the brink Don’t despair Do not fear Grace is near” – Charlie Peacock

This is the third and final post in my series called “Becoming Unwanted”. I had originally intended to conclude the series with a reasoned analysis and edifying [...]

Becoming Unwanted, Part 2

You’ve got no time to read a mystery You’re not inclined to waste the energy And wrap your mind around a paradox Or bear the thought Of my liberty –T.S. Taylor

In the previous post (Becoming Unwanted, Part 1), I provided a summary of the events that led to my being denied [...]

Becoming Unwanted, Part 1

Don’t teach me how to listen to the Spirit Just give me a new law I don’t want to know if the answers aren’t easy So just bring it down from the mountain to me I want a new law, I want a new law Give me that new law –Derek Webb

This is the [...]