Welcome to BC

My name is Douglas Hayworth, and the purpose of this blog/website is to explore and articulate the Christian doctrine of Creation. On a personal level, it is a diary of my intellectual and spiritual journey to reconcile what I know about the world from science with what I trust in as a Christian.

Becoming Creation provides a structure and forum for me to organize and present my thoughts. By quoting, citing and linking to the work of like-minded theologians and scientists, I hope it will be clear that the theology of a becoming creation is well-supported. My aim is to provide content that communicates clearly to my nonscientist Christian friends as well as to my agnostic friends. In this sense, Becoming Creation is an apologetic work (i.e., one in which I attempt to provide a defense and reason for my theological perspective).

If the universe is a real creation of God, then I believe that its structure and behavior as discerned in ever greater detail by science provide clues about God’s character and his purpose for humankind. And if the Bible is a reliable witness of God’s self-revelation and personal interaction with human beings, then I believe that the person and work of Christ as discerned by theology provide the hope of my becoming all that God intends.

The name “Becoming Creation” reflects my theological and scientific understanding that…

  • The universe is a Creation; it depends on God for both its origin and its continuing existence, while also being able to “be fruitful and increase” according to its own God-given capacities.
  • The Creation is good; it is becoming in the sense of being beautiful and awesome; the structure, behavior and natural history of the physical world, as well as the human sense of beauty are “hints of the divine presence”.
  • The Creation is a developing, evolving entity that continues to unfold as it flows through time.
  • I ought to continually use my God-given capacities to understand the Creation (all that God reveals) more fully so that my belief and faith rest as much as possible on what is real and true.
  • God’s special interaction with human beings involves his work and progressive revelation in history, culminating in the incarnate Word, Jesus Christ, and continuing into the future.
  • My highest purpose is to obtain perfect communion with God by becoming like him through a continuing process and loving relationship based on his grace and my faith and works.

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